Hi I'm Stephanie's Mom...and I thank you Steph for trying to help me.
it's to bad no one is form Playrix is listening....I just don't know what to do. I have check my credit card accounts and all it shows is the purchases I made through the game...I have sent them screen shots of all my purchases for the year. How can someone prove they didn't buy something the game says they did. What does showing them receipts prove that you spent your own money on the game so I guess your not a cheater? They also tell you, you can't get into you game anymore BUT you can start a new game.What is that???? You can start a new game and cheat some more.That doesn't make any sense. I not starting a new game. I won't put any more money into a company that treats its it's honest customers the way they do. It has happen to so many people and it's so unfair. I was at level 67 with $200 dollars in t cash and my zoo at level 10. If i was cheating wouldn't I be done everything? I didn't even get to finish the Halloween event, I was on the last day when this happened and was working on finishing. If I was cheating I would have been done. Thanks for listening