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Thread: Replace Woody Allen (Merged Thread)

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    You're seriously equating the molestation of children to a dog bite? Spoken by someone who has no clue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bert Waverveen View Post
    Some people see an issue in everything related to something they've experienced themselves. By dropping bombs like these they're fighting their own issues the wrong way..........
    That's a bit harsh. Sure enough the OP still has "issues" with what happened in the past! Good lord! Sexual abuse is bad enough, but having it happen when you are a child damages you forever.

    I don't think OP is fighting their issues the wrong way. I applaud the OP for speaking out. Taking action. Empowering themselves not to put up with something they don't like. Well done, OP.

    But as others have said, that man was accused, investigated, but not charged nor convicted. Giving Playrix very little ground to remove him from the game. Ironically, the most likely successful action would be to inform Woody Allen himself of the unlicensed use of his portrait so he could send Playrix a Cease and Desist for the removal of his character - or accepting a royalty deal. Yeah, right, ugh.

    So OP, I'm afraid it's going to come down to you putting up with the game as is, if you can, or uninstalling it. Whatever choice you make, I wish you the best.
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    Lori Wise, it would be best if you contact Playrix about this issues, and for rest (not all comentators, some of them are correct)-we can not pretend that not exist pedofillia scandal with Woody Allen. And after I saw this thread, I can't stop thinking how people in real life can do this to anybody.Now, I see pedofill too, and want other person for film director. I wote for Steven Spielberg.

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    It's a game, people. Can we stop taking game characters too seriously, please? Changing a character in game doesn't take away any world problems at all.

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    Bert, do you know the name of biggest game on the world? It's name is LIFE!!! So, why so many people play games then?

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    Bert, while I agree changing an in game character won't solve anyone's issues, I'd request some empathy here. Quite a few people play games to escape whatever burdens life lays on them.

    Also, more importantly, those who are victims of sexual abuse when they were children aren't just 'scarred for life', they've been severely damaged in a time of their life that is so important to their development. And yes, that's something they have to deal with, every. single. day. of the rest of their life. Do they have issues? Hell yeah they have issues! Sheesh, I'd have issues too if that had happened to me as a child.

    You suggest OP is wrong fighting their issues like this. I don't know, Bert. Looks to me like OP is taking a stand against something they don't want, speaking out, empowering themselves. That takes courage, in particular with a past like that. So sincere congratulations to the OP!

    Even if Playrix doesn't change this toon's face, you've already won. You have spoken out.
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    Losing Woody Allen

    It would be brilliant if you would remove the Woody Allen caricature from the game. Most of your players are female. He is a heinous little creep; his support of Harvey Weinstein is, or should be, the last straw.

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    As someone who has been through something similar, I make it my business to not react to things that may trigger. I see/hear/whatever something that's a reminder, close my eyes, take a breath, and move on.

    I personally wouldn't expect or even request something be changed for my benefit.

    That being said; someone finds the character disturbing enough to do just that. They've given their reason for their request, and I think the last thing we should be doing is jumping down their throat.

    This reminds me of the thread just a short while ago about having decorations optional (namely, the Halloween decor due to devil association). That person was jumped on, then supported, much as in this thread.

    Every day, people come here to request changes to the game. That's sort of the whole point of the "wish list" subforum, no?
    This person (and clearly others), have stated their request, and Playrix devs will either see it, or they won't. If they see it, they'll either change it, or they won't.
    The people that requested the change will be happy, or they won't, then they'll choose whether to continue their game, or they won't.

    To tell someone they shouldn't be allowed to speak out is what's wrong here. If you disagree, say so. State why.
    Based on fact (or your understanding thereof).

    Don't try to tell anyone they're wrong to feel as they do.

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    Woody Allen Movie Cash

    Ok it’s starting to creep me out almost every time I click on my helicopter to fill orders. There is the option which I like to watch a commercial for another app to play and you get $1. That’s great. But can you do something to make the guy NOT look so much like Woody Allen. That guy is super creepy and I do not like him as a person or even as a human being lol. Married his adopted daughter yuck. What a creep. It makes me wanna not go to my helicopter cause he is there. I mean change his face a little. Put a hat on him or something. I love the game and you may think it’s silly but in a racial stereotyping way he looks awfully Jewish which could give people who are of Jewish decent a problem as well. Don’t make him look like a stereotype guys. It’s bad enough I am creeped out by his look lol. Woody Allen is a bad character to use lol.

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    The director character is the only one resembling a real person. Some people feels uneasy at it, so why don't make it an anonymous character like all the others?

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