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Thread: Replace Woody Allen (Merged Thread)

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    Come on Playrix, just look at what Dylan Farrow had to say about this just last month:

    Look at that. I'm a father of two children and this just makes my heart bleed, no child should ever have to undergo that from the man they trust most, who is their hero.

    Just exchange the character for the one that's currently featured in the cinema season, the guy with the beard, glasses and baseball cap. Seems a friendly enough chap.

    Do it please.

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    I agree that this character is offensive. Every time I see it I am reminded of the abuse and misogyny women have been are still are subjected to everyday. I have even considered stopping to play this game and may do so if this issue is not addressed soon.

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    Hey, guys!

    Thank you for starting this thread and for sharing your suggestions! I've already passed this info on to the devs. They'll definitely give it a thought and, hopefully, we'll see some changes in the upcoming updates.

    Please let us know if you have any other ideas or suggestions. Your opinion matters!


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