For each of the holiday season there should be a super crop added that has a high profit and small growth time. This would be a small bonus of things to add for each holiday. Like maybe squash at Thanksgiving to yield a 2.5 to 3 times maybe 4 times its purchase price and grows fast. Example : squash planted for 4 coin sells for 16 and grow in 8 minutes. Holidays veggies ideas: Thanksgiving - squash or green beans or mums, Christmas - poinsettias or mistletoe or peppermint, New Year - Cabbage or beans or crocus , Valentines - baby's breath or a special rose or carnations, Easter - lentils or easter lilly, 4th of July - daisies or raspberries, Memorial day - spaghetti squash or watermelon, Labor Day - blueberries or petunias, Halloween - pumpkin or mums or apples. Just a special crop fir each holiday! And.... there should be a new kind of farming, TREES! Maybe a separate round shaped patches for planting numerous kinds of trees. You can use fruit trees nut trees flowering trees , anything that has a harvest of a food or flower that can be made into something at any of the factories! A tree farm could be very interesting and fun!