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Thread: Loading trains and planes suggestion

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    Loading trains and planes suggestion

    When you're loading a train or a plane you should be able to load what you currently have even if it's not enough, and then fill the rest when you have it. For example, if the train calls for 3 tomatoes but you only have 2 at the moment, you should be able to put the 2 in, and then put the 3rd in when you get it. I think it'll make loading them much easier and save a lot of space in the barn (:

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    Makes sense. Which is why they probably won't do it. I like the idea.

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    Understand exactly I had to send an empty plane the other day because there were wanting 51 wheat and I didn't have room in the barn to accumulate it

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    I agree! Keeps us leveling up faster. Maybe why they won't do it.

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