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Thread: Co-op For Kids?

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    Co-op For Kids?

    does anyone know a friendly and active co-op for kids?

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    If you're searching for a suitable co-op then post here with details about what kind of co-op you'd like to be in:

    Also you could join my Co-op. We are extremely friendly and never refuse to help. However you Must be able to complete atleast 10 tasks.
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    We have had at least one kid in our coop (along with his mother and father). He did fine (until he lost interest and left the coop) but I would be hesitant to have a minor in the coop without a parent there as well.

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    My coop has had kids in the past but with a parent around. We have one now and the parent is with us. The child does manage to keep up with us ( the parent perhaps monitors and ensures there are not too many slippages). Ofcourse , once in a while the child does sleep through a task like some adults do

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    We have had 2 in our co-op. Most of us are parents or Aunties, so we are protective of our little ones. They do well with our retired group as there is only 1 task minimum to participate. We just hang out and play as we are able, no pressure, no drama, fun zone. We have a more competitive group, but we find it is harder for them to keep up with them.

    If you would like!e more information, let us know.

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