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Thread: A Better Market and Dealer

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    A Better Market and Dealer

    Some suggestions to improve Townships market.

    2 Rows of items in the market on phones
    - It's a very nice feature to have on tablets, but phones should have 2 rows of market items as well.
    - Even though the screen is smaller there's definitely enough space for 2 rows if the market interface is resized.
    - If you have hundreds of market boxes it can be very slow to get what you need with only 1 row.

    No more deals with the dealer
    - We shouldn't have to search more than once to get the maximum amount of an item we need.
    - I don't see any reason to have to search over and over to get the highest amount of an item we need.
    - It's frustrating and unnecessary to spend several minutes searching to get the max amount of ores, etc.
    - Also having to wait for the item flipping animation seems unnecessary as well.

    A counter for the # of market boxes and possibly separate into sections of 10
    - The counter for the number of market boxes could go in a corner of the market or around the bottom area.
    - Maybe add differently designed sections in the market.
    - Every 10 boxes up to 100 maximum (pattern will repeat after 100) could have a different color or design.
    Example: 1st 10 boxes are red, next 10 are orange, next 10 are yellow, next 10 are green, and so on...
    Example 2: 1st 10 boxes are made of wood, next 10 boxes are made of plastic, next 10 boxes are made of steel, etc.
    Example 3: 1st 10 boxes have a rounder wooden design, next 10 boxes have a patterned wood design on them, etc.
    - Maybe every 10 boxes could be separated by differently designed wooden pillars, or different wallpaper.
    - You could tap the box button or a small '+' icon beside the box button to add boxes to the market, so no crazy scrolling is required.
    - The dealer could also be accessible at the bottom of the market UI, so you can search for items at any time instantly rather than scrolling endlessly back to the beginning.
    - When he's unavailable the icon could show him with a sleeping cap, and available he will be awake and it could say "The Dealer has Returned" or "Search for an Item."

    New Market UI Preview
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    I love the box count... I would think that would push everybody to endlessly want to upgrade and spend more tbucks to get more boxes

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    That is a excellent idea... Plus stop hiking up the amount of items we need for community buildings, barn and expanding....

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    Hi Brendon

    I love the idea of the Dealer showing at the bottom as well as the timer. I love the idea of seeing the number of boxes we have. I agree with you that doing multiples search to get the max number of items we can get is a real pain (time waster).

    One thing you do not mention, that you suggested somewhere else if my memory is good, is to move the empty boxes to the right constantly. This way the available products would be all together.

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    Brendon, Applause for your ideas, sign me up. I also am in awe of your "mock up" skills, looks like it's right out of the game.

    Nice job,

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    I think it would be interesting if each item has its own quantity in the barn, and would also be useful, when any member of the cooperative needs any item, there is a sign in the market that there is the item there and you can buy it

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    Love it Brendon! Agree that it's really annoying having to do multiple searches to get the best deal, and yes, lets get those empty boxes at the end. Nice one!

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    Good idea to bring this thread up again, so fitting with Playrix' article about Updates and that they are getting their input from this forum as well!
    I hope they see it this time!

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    The market also needs an art makeover so that it looks less like a dump / flea market. In the past I suggested different designs based on rotation, the same way the wild park works.

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