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Thread: Cheating problem on regatta and get banned from co-op

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    Cheating problem on regatta and get banned from co-op

    The game report that it suspect I'm cheating , I lose all my regatta point and can't contact to anyone in my co-op. But I'm not!
    All of my device that play this game aren't jailbreaking or have 3rdparty app that can cheat this game. I hope some dev will look on my problem and slove it. I want my regatta point and permission in co-op back to normal.

    Sorry for my writing skill, I'm not good in English

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    This is happening to me as well. Please fix asap, between this and the constant crashing I am betting very annoyed.
    Also, my coop should be credited for the work I did.

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    Hello guys! Sorry to hear about your troubles, I hope that you have already reported them to our HelpDesk and help is on the way. With the Regattas in progress we appreciate all the feedback we can get and it's possible that some of the tweaks the developers have designed to prevent cheaters from winning can affect honest players too. So hope your situation is resolved soon and you're back on the boat with your co-op!
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    What is this, and how come I can cheat on regatta ... Just stupidity

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    That's outrageous. Three of my coop members have problem with the points they won. The stats in their journals do not match with the stats of the coop. Two members have more points, one - has less. One member was suspected of cheating. But we are sure she did not cheat. She even does not know how! So the program counts points wrong, and then the player is guilty? I'm spechless...
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    I faced the same problem... The program is counting wrong and am guilty on that ... No sense

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    Still no answer from the help desk

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    И у меня тоже самое! Я просто в недоумении! Играю честно, о том, что можно как-то нечестно играть я вообще не понимаю! Прежде чем дисквалифицировать из игры, пусть предоставляют доказательства нечестной игры...

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    I think that this has happened to our co-leader hombre aka Jack of the co-op Sharon's Share!,
    if you can hear me Jack... I'm doing all I can to get you back! We've not forgotten you.
    And to the game developers... FIX IT FAST please

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    Same here. The game says I was cheating.

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