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Thread: I'm Sure My First Place Team Is Cheating

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    I'm Sure My First Place Team Is Cheating

    The team that's currently in first place came from out of nowhere and within 48 hours is almost done with this Regatta. I find it hard to believe that this person isn't cheating because there's been a huge lack of 135 tasks. How do you do 14 tasks at 1:35 each in 48 hours?

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    You spend lots of t-cash. If they legitimately purchased that t-cash (and an amazing-to-me number of people are spending serious money on this game), then they aren't cheating. If they took advantage of one of the many loopholes to increase their t-cash without paying for it, THAT is cheating. Unfortunately you may not be able to even figure out which it is, much less prove it if they ARE cheating, and I don't know if Playrix will investigate a "this team must be cheating" report.

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    I don't race solo myself, but from what I hear, for a solo racer to finish in 48 hrs isn't out of the ordinary. It takes some rigorous dumping and good preparation, but not neccessarily a lot of tcash. It definitely is not a sign of cheating.

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    Yes, being a solo racer we have the entire board to ourselves. And can prepare to do task back to back, like sending ships out for watermelons, starting to produce other items in our factories, etc., etc. It can be very leisurely done on solo racing, with no or very little cash spent using strategic planning, like Liztropolis said. However, you miss out on the coop experience. Starshine is right. Regatta is big money and there are many who do not mind putting a ton of TCash in it, and as long as it's been purchased legally, they can do it. Also, were they running on a "booster"? My ships were, so they were coming back to port very quick. There were many people lacking 135's this week. Take a look at that thread "Lack of 135 Tasks?" Everyone was "dumping, I know I had to. Good luck.
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    Well in 36 hours he completed the Regatta. Meanwhile I'm sitting here dumping every 30 minutes and I haven't even gotten enough tasks to get halfway through. There is a serious lack of good 135 Point tasks.

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    When I raced solo I spent the first 2 days dumping and prepping tasks. First 4 ships were back in port, shelves full of jelly beans so just 2 more to make, same with hats and trucks. There was also a HOL on the board and a feed animals. Only then did I start racing, adapted plan half way through as zoo items changed to 3 hot quick prepare and sell so did 2 of those back to back. I was done in 23 hours, no tCash.

    It is possible to do if you plan and don't leap straight in because there is as 135 on the board. Ditch the trains and planes and crates too if you don't have coop friends saving their trains and planes for you or have lots of In game friends.

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    I say the same thing!! The top three teams are well over 3000 points at the START of the regatta! This is extremely disappointing and makes me not want to play!

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    It’s quite possible as a solo racer to finish within 48 hours. When I raced solo, I finished 16 135 tasks in 24 hours. Just because someone is winning, doesn’t mean they’re cheating. SMH!

    When my husband decided to race, as a two person coop, we both did 16 135 tasks in 12 hours. Side Note......other than the 10 tcash for the extra task, we DID NOT spend any money.
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