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Thread: Feedback on Difficulty: Homescapes

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    Quote Originally Posted by WilliWonka View Post
    Well the game is no longer fun because it's getting too difficult.Stuck without any help and keep failing.I had use 73 lives on level 143.Decided to give up because it's just stupid.
    I've been playing, off and on, since the game opened. I'm level 114 now. I'm finding the game very difficult. Much harder than Gardenscapes. I'll probably keep popping in from time to time just 'cause I'm curious. But I already find Gardenscapes enough of a challenge and I'm not really that interested in another hard game.

    I know in Gardenscapes that it's possible to beat any level without using power boosts or coins. I'd say I do that about 75% of the time. But I'm wondering if this is true in Homescapes. What do you think?

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    I complete most of the levels without using boosters or gold coins. Sometimes, on really hard levels, I'll use the boosters/hammers I get for free from the daily rewards and completing days. And I've bought 5 extra moves with gold coins sometimes, but the majority of the levels, I don't use anything at all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zenfrodo View Post
    Look, I don’t mind hard levels. I enjoy challenges. But man, this game goes waaaay too slow. Every single action and small step needs stars. Answer the door? Three stars. Pet a cat? More stars. Whoever designed this game needs a lesson in strory writing and pacing. I am NOT going to spend money for boosts or lives just so Austin can answer the door, answer the phone, make another phone call, talk to someone standing right there....gah.

    It’s very, very obvious that the idea is to frustrate the players so badly that we spend money just to speed things up, but when the story is as boring as this — when I spend days working on a level just to earn one star of three needed before Austin will just answer a door, forget it. You haven’t given me any reason to want to see the next part of this so-called story, Playrix. I like playing match-3 games, but I’m not going to waste hard-earned money for something that likely won’t complete a level and even if it does, only earns me part of a step towards a boring talky cutscene.

    1, Make the rewards for completing a board actually mean something. The rewards are too small for the effort it takes to get thru a board. Either increase the coin gain or reduce the amount of coins needed for boosts and lives.
    2. Streamline the story. PLEASE streamline the story. Endless steps and more steps and more steps with too many frustrating levels that need endless repetition to finally win — it’s not a matter of skill, not when I get hit with numerous “no moves available” messages after making the only available move a board allows — and the only thing that happens is that Austin answers a door. Or makes a phone call. Or talks to his parrot. The story reward is not equal to the effort needed.

    3. The old Gardenscapes allowed you to replay prior levels to earn the coins for redecorating. It didn’t set an arbitrary number of lives that took forever to regenerate. That life thing needs removed — it’s like you don’t want us to play the game, Playrix. All that life counter does is ensure I don’t spend much time playing. I’m not going to waste money on something that won’t make any difference in gameplay nor on a game that is doing its best to bore me and prevent me from playing.

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    Will make this short and not so SWEET! I totally agree! I have made it to level 159 but, yes, I have spent money to get there. TOO MUCH! The star reward should higher on harder levels. The stupid tasks SHOULD go away!!! PERIOD!!! At this point, I will not delete, but done playing and paying. Will check back from time to time to see if anything has changed. In other games I play, I don't mind paying for 5 extr moves if I have been on a level for so long that I am just so over it, or I get down to 1 move. But I am not paying to answer phones, fees a cat, start a new day (which player should be the one rewarded ONLY), etc. Only time I will pay, is to move forward to finish a ROOM!! So done!🙁

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    I actually thought it was a nice game in the beginning but I soon enough got tought otherwise.. the story line is too boring and who wants to spend money on so little return.... it’s a little sad since with a little balance, it could be a fun game..

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    Good info to get out there! After all this is JUST A GAME played for entertainment purposes, played to pass time, played while waiting on something or someone, played because we're addicted and make our own choices of games to play. Thank you and Happy Game Playing.

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    I will be uninstalling this game...the time it takes for the characters to talk, and the ridiculously difficulty of levels...I would much rather spend money on other apps. Playrix....please take more time and revamp your game.

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    Could you please add me to the game?

    Thank you
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    Well, have not had much time to play lately, but I really am starting to enjoy this game. The "odd" colors are even growing on me, because it really makes me go way outside of my "normal" decorating style, which is very hard for me. Being a new game, and I see a lot of potential for this game, and myself becoming a regular player. However, I do feel that the Hard Levels could be further apart (like in Fishdom), so consider giving us more of a break in between. I STILL strongly feel the "rocket" should take out a normal row of cookies (not the frosting ones), as they take out a row of boxes without the tape on them, it would definitely be appreciated. I still agree with what Bethany had said about offering us two stars if we have to accomplish two task... OR at best, 1 star for phone calls and greeting visitors. I am pretty easy going but 2 stars to make a phone call or greet a visitor is just too much. Please consider these things and what others have said. Really appreciated the cool graphics, and it really is fun to play. I admire those who say "they don't spend a dime," as I find myself occasionally having to put some money in this one to level up.

    NEW: AND a big "no-no" on the cats. Very cute, can understand it taking rockets, bombs, planes to sculpt them, but when they are completed, should be able to take them off the board by matching three next to them (come on Devs, love you guys, but your killing us )
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    Totally agree with this. I'm a big fan of gardenscapes (on level 650) and liked the new moves this game brought, but its getting stupid. The difficulty progression is also way off. At first the levels were too easy, and then it suddenly switched to impossible levels. I've been stuck for 2 weeks on level 86, and similar amounts of time on previous levels. If you're going to make it this difficult, then at least make every action one star. As is, I'll probably delete this game if I keep on getting stuck for this long

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