Some suggestions to improve Townships market.

2 Rows of items in the market on phones
- It's a very nice feature to have on tablets, but phones should have 2 rows of market items as well.
- Even though the screen is smaller there's definitely enough space for 2 rows if the market interface is resized.
- If you have hundreds of market boxes it can be very slow to get what you need with only 1 row.

No more deals with the dealer
- We shouldn't have to search more than once to get the maximum amount of an item we need.
- I don't see any reason to have to search over and over to get the highest amount of an item we need.
- It's frustrating and unnecessary to spend several minutes searching to get the max amount of ingots, pendants, etc.

A counter for the # of market boxes and possibly separate into sections of 10
- The counter for the number of market boxes could go in a corner of the market or around the bottom area.
- Maybe add differently designed sections in the market.
- Every 10 boxes up to 100 maximum (pattern will repeat after 100) could have a different color or design.
Example: 1st 10 boxes are red, next 10 are orange, next 10 are yellow, next 10 are green, and so on...
Example 2: 1st 10 boxes are made of wood, next 10 boxes are made of plastic, next 10 boxes are made of steel, etc.
Example 3: 1st 10 boxes have a rounder wooden design, next 10 boxes have a patterned wood design on them, etc.
- Maybe every 10 boxes could be separated by differently designed wooden pillars, or different wallpaper.

New Market UI Preview

- I noticed that the market boxes are displayed 5 at a time, so the banana bread box would actually be red and you would notice the new purple (or other color) boxes at the edge on the right side of the market.
- The dealer should be accessible on screen at all times like in the preview.
- When you've just used him he will have his sleeping cap on, and when he's available he will be shown as he is now.
- Maybe the text could say "The dealer is back." or something like that when he's returned.