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Thread: Lack Of Good 135 Tasks?

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    How do you dump tasks withou it counting against you when you are an elder?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Farmgirl City View Post
    How do you dump tasks withou it counting against you when you are an elder?
    When you click on a task showing on the board, look at the right part and you will see a trashcan to dump that task BEFORE starting it. That is how we dump task without loosing our own tasks total. Beside the Gold league, you can dump as many tasks as you want as there is no penalty doing it that way. You just have to wait 30 minutes for another task to appear.

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    Thank you Graylady! I guess I didn't see that button. I will look for it.

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    I've only just become aware of the 'dumping' rule and dumped more tasks in the last regatta than ever before in the attempt to get tasks of 135 value, I'm aware that you can dump but also that the 30 minute wait for new tasks to appear (many of them the ones I previously dumped) puts you at a disadvantage as you are unable to start the race while other players are forging ahead, however if there are only a limited amount of tasks that you can undertake without using TC you're in a bit of a catch 22. I'm only in Steel League and the way things are going I anticipate being here for some time.

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    Eliza, Are you a solo player or in a small co op? You dont have to start straight away. If you wait until your task board has several good tasks on it, after dumping the low point ones, the game puts you with other later starters, who are perhaps not so keen to start straight away but if someone in your co op takes a task, then and only then does the regatta start. Dumping does not affect you unless you are in the golden leaque and only then if you are wanting to get on the global leader board. In a bigger co op it is more difficult as someone will pick a task and the race starts. I race solo and wait several days before starting the race, which gives me time to prepare for certain tasks Ive got on the board. I hope this helps.

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    I have always tried to only do tasks with 135 points, but lately they are few and fair between, and the ones they do have are ridiculous. Like the combo tasks. Is there anyway to let the developers know this????

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    I've noticed that in this season its far better.. so many good 135 tasks

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    Few 135 tasks

    Our coop tries to do all 135 tasks every regatta, but we find ourselves deleting a great many lower point tasks. It is always very difficult to get good tasks. Several of us are always waiting for a task. There are only 7 of us in the coop so we wonder how other coops manage to so quickly find those 135 tasks and complete the regatta. Is it just us? Are we missing something?

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    We are having the same problem,have dumped 603 so far,still 4 days of racing to go,we are 5 members racing,all doing 135 tasks.Had to dump all the tasks on two boards ,due to lack of 135 tasks,one after the other so for one whole hour ,we sit and wait unless prepared to spend tcash,it would have gone to waste in any case.I wonder how does a co op with 30 members do it,without any fights amongst their members?

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    I feel your pain. It's absurd the amount of low task they throw out. We have 11 people playing & trying to do 133 ,& up just to place in top 3! We have dumped over 1,324 task in which 800 have been under 100 points. It's very discouraging. All they want you to do is spend t-cash. Playrix is becoming so greedy the game is all most no longer tolerable. I love this game and been playing a year. We refuse to pay anymore t-cash to speed up task board bc it throws you back nothing and I mean nothing. Furthermore, we have decided why try to get in top 3 anymore bc the rewards are so entirely useless- in reality we gained nothing from it. I'm mad & upset bc I feel like what started out as a great game has turned into a money sucking greedy game! No I don't buy tons of t-cash, I will get the specials at times. I earn my t-cash & bust my butt to do so. I guess I need to either no longer race & just develope my town & zoo & try to enjoy the game again. I just like to compete, it used to be fun! Sorry for the rant just very frustrated and dis appointed. We see these issues a thousand times a day and they are never acknowledged so i just coming to realize it's not gonna change & it bums me out 😳

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