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Thread: 20.07 Ask the Devs!

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    I love the game and the fun things y'all come up with. Please, please, please allow us to place buildings and such that we don't like in storage. I would store everything to do with cars. Also, please can the helicopter carry more than one order? Perhaps a fill all at once button?

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    Hey guys love the game been playing for just over two years now. I think it would be great to have like a swap shop or exchange place where we could exchange gems and building materials with friends. I myself struggle collecting red gems, green gems and pruning shears. I know others struggle with different items so this would be a great way to even out the goodies. Loving the regatta btw

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    I have asked several times for separate storage for building material and a silo for animal feed but got shot down every time it would really help with other storage and it would really be a nice change to the game.

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    Would it be possible to add an option to the game to cancel something that might be in the queue to be made? This would be useful to progress in the game i.e. if you need an item and start making a few of something then you get help from a neighbor and the queue is then booked up for several hours when the item is no longer needed. Would make game play more efficient.

    Thank You =) !

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    You might want to check this list out

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    Hello Devs. Nice game. Playing for almost 3 yrs. Hello frorm Philippines. Are you gonna add another barn for storage non harvests? Love township

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    Thanks for a wonderful game. I'm curious why my barn an mining articles are together. Can we have a silo or storage area.?.

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    Since no one seems to want to read the link Liza posted - I have put the info here:

    Ideas that cannot be implemented
    - Cancelling/rearranging items in factory queues;
    - Separate building just for materials and tools;
    - Selling/storing community buildings;
    - Selling/trading/converting gems;
    - Converting coins into cash;
    - Rotating buildings/decorations in 4 directions;
    - Day and night mode;
    - Special icon for Port/Zoo/Mine/etc in the main interface;
    - Partially helping a friend;
    - Sending more than 5 gifts a day;
    - Adding more than 50 in-game friends;
    - Traffic lights, crosswalks, road signs;
    - Cars crossing bridges, cars at the Zoo;
    - Any places of worship, any flags other than national/state flags;
    - Launching updates at the same time for all the platforms.

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    I've requested this via email before and was told it would be passed on. But nothing has appeared so I will try again.

    I play this game and my daughter loves to help. We love it. Her favourite thing to do is look at all the little townsfolk and she makes up stories about what they are doing and where they are going and what their names are. She asked me when we first started playing "why aren't there any like me". Our girl has cerebral palsy and uses a Kaye walker (looks like this) image.jpgand sometimes a wheelchair.

    She loves to see other children on TV and in stories either in walkers or wheelchairs. It makes a huge difference to children to see themselves represented in these sorts of things. It surprises me that nobody in the town is in a wheelchair or in a walking frame. The only folk with walking sticks are old folks.

    It would be a very simple thing to do, to add characters using frames or wheelchairs, and it would make a huge difference to children like her. Might not seem important to most folk, but it is to us.

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    Hey, I can't see the FAQ page because it's not available on mobile. I am wondering why the Regatta is so limited? There are about 7/30 really active people in our co-op and we're already almost all done. I've seen many other people in this same boat too (haha).

    I thought it would make more sense that the more you play, the more you can earn, like with most events that we have.

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