Hey Townshippers!

Do you guys have any awesome questions about Township? It is now your chance to ask the developers anything you have on your mind!

Meet the team behind the game: Alexey (Lead Programmer), Anastasia (Art Producer), Misha (Head of Development), Maria (Lead Game Designer), Andrey (Lead Programmer), Egor (Game Designer), Sheepie (Lead Muse & Inspiration), Anton (Project Manager).

Please follow these simple rules to make it easier for the devs to read and reply:

- Make sure you've checked this before posting.
- Post only one question per comment.
- Avoid comments that do not really ask a question or ask rhetorical questions.
- Check out some suggestions for the game that have already been addressed.
- Keep it friendly and cheerful

We will then choose your most interesting and creative questions and post the devs’ answers here next Wednesday.

- Liza.