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Thread: 20.07 Ask the Devs!

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    Will we in future regattas be able to see who is participating out of our co-op players? As a leader, I want to know this, I also want a way to communicate with our team without it being through chat, for obvious reasons.....


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    Will the delay in the results of the regatta always be as slow as the one we have just completed?


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    what delay? I got mine within an hour of it being over...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Calita61 View Post
    what delay? I got mine within an hour of it being over...
    I have only Hay Day to compare it to and it is very quick to get the results as compared to TS. Just curious if the time will improve but thanks for your thoughts
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    I agree. the tools and items from the mine should be away from the crops. It's pretty hard do collect 59 corn plants if there is no room in the barn because of building supplies and the like.

    Other than a few things that will probably get updated me and my friends love Township.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jenifer Vickerman Murch View Post
    I agree. the tools and items from the mine should be away from the crops. It's pretty hard do collect 59 corn plants if there is no room in the barn because of building supplies and the like.

    Other than a few things that will probably get updated me and my friends love Township.
    Hi there. The mining tools and ore but not ingots are already stored in a separate part of the barn and do not take up your allocated barn space.

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    Could you show our metal balance when we upgrade buildings?

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    Hey everyone!

    We are all-ready to share with you the Devs' answers to your questions selected from the comments above. Thanks for your participation and great suggestions! We will definitely do another AMA session later this year ;)

    Nana: We have walkways/footpaths in our Zoo (and no auto traffic, of course!) can something similar be added to Township soon?

    Anton (Project Manager): That sounds neat! Right now, we already have a fair share of plans on how to improve the landscape customization options, including the roads. Our forum admins will be sharing more deets soon!

    Bethany Clarke: Would it be possible sometime in the future for us to be able to search for our friends in our friends list by name (type their name into a box) rather than scrolling side to side?

    Alexey (Lead Programmer): This one’s definitely on our To-Do list as some of you guys have 200+ friends in Township. But we can’t say when exactly we will bring it in. As a programmer, I can confirm that the struggle while implementing any social feature is real :) At the same time our Team knows how important these features are for you. So we might consider something like that in our future updates. No promises, tho.

    Cherie Austin Johnson: Please can the helicopter carry more than one order? Perhaps a fill all at once button?

    Egor (Game Designer): We have only one helicopter, which is way too small to fit in all the orders. Also, what would the pilot do after completing all of them at once? That sounds like a LOT of free time...

    Layla: I think it would be great to have like a swap shop or exchange place where we could exchange gems and building materials with friends.

    Andrey (Lead Programmer): Gems and building materials are rare to find and hard to part with (even to help a friend in need). Besides, any major change to the gameplay should be thoroughly tested first, so it’s not likely to happen any time soon.

    Debpap: Could we have something more like a message board or for our coops?

    Misha (Head of Development): Actually, we did try to give this feature a go and even had it in the game at the early stages of the co-op development. But in the end it turned out to be not so popular with the beta-players. So the Team decided to keep things simple, put the idea on hold and currently we have no plans on bringing it back.

    cdosr: Why are the regatta rules set up to only allow 1 additional task per participant? Why can't I do as many tasks as I want to?

    Egor (Game Designer): Please don't forget that the main point of the Regattas is CO-OPeration ;) So teamwork is the key here! Every co-op member needs to bring something to the table in order to win, not just one player.

    Lyndie: I would like to be able to send a gift balloon direct from the 'recent helpers' tab to save scrolling through the friends list to send.

    Maria (Lead Game Designer): Can't see why not! We'll definitely keep that idea in mind for the future updates, thanks for bringing it up!

    hyacinth: I just want to ask about the Windows Phone Township game. Please can you give us an idea of when we will get an update.

    Sheepie (Lead Muse & Inspiration): Oh, no worries! I’ll nudge the forum Admins to be more chatty about the upcoming features and updates for our dear Windows phone players!

    Viv Smitheram: Can you allow our manufactured items in our factories to stack. It would help in not needing so much barn space and allow me to help more people.

    Anton (Project Manager): The Barn has always been a hot topic in the discussions, but we'd like to keep things more trad here. Not much changes are coming in this direction, although we're always open for any ideas!

    Soreya: How and/or when does this game save and how can I force it to save my progress?

    Andrey (Lead Programmer): Your game is quite self-sufficient in this matter, it only needs the connection to Facebook and Game Center or Google+ to make sure we can find it on the servers. No need to worry about saving your progress while planting corn and wheat, everything is already taken care of ;)

    2bluedaffodils: Are you able to turn community buildings into " manufacturing " buildings?

    Maria (Lead Game Designer): You know, I wouldn't want my own town to be just about factories and industries. And the townspeople need some recreational places too, right? ;) As for making profits off them - it will also need some very careful balancing with all other things we have in the game. Seems tricky but a nice idea for the future!

    Kevin Schrock: Are there any plans for the castle in the bay, besides the hermit in the shack occasionally making a request?

    Maria (Lead Game Designer): We do have a few ideas on how to make the Hermit more of a social butterfly! But for now it's difficult to predict when it's going to happen, so don't expect the mystic castle to reveal its mysteries too soon.

    Nana: I find the stadium colors - pastel pink/lavendar - a bit "girlie" for the beautiful autos, so would you consider colorizing it a little differently?

    Anastasia (Art Producer): It's important to remember that people of different tastes and preferences play Township, so it’s really hard to choose a color that absolutely everyone will like :) Besides, the car collection we have in the game is not just some regular modern collection - it's a retro disco one!
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