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Thread: 20.07 Ask the Devs!

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    20.07 Ask the Devs!

    Hey Townshippers!

    Do you guys have any awesome questions about Township? It is now your chance to ask the developers anything you have on your mind!

    Meet the team behind the game: Alexey (Lead Programmer), Anastasia (Art Producer), Misha (Head of Development), Maria (Lead Game Designer), Andrey (Lead Programmer), Egor (Game Designer), Sheepie (Lead Muse & Inspiration), Anton (Project Manager).

    Please follow these simple rules to make it easier for the devs to read and reply:

    - Make sure you've checked this before posting.
    - Post only one question per comment.
    - Avoid comments that do not really ask a question or ask rhetorical questions.
    - Check out some suggestions for the game that have already been addressed.
    - Keep it friendly and cheerful

    We will then choose your most interesting and creative questions and post the devs’ answers here next Wednesday.

    - Liza.

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    Greetings Developers. First a huge thank you for the many requests I have made over the years that were fulfilled by you!

    My question: We have walkways/footpaths in our Zoo (and no auto traffic, of course!) can something similar be added to Township soon?

    Thank you!
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    Second and final question: another thank you for the Classic Auto Collection which I suggested last December. However I find the stadium colors - pastel pink/lavendar - a bit "girlie" for the beautiful autos, so would you consider colorizing it a little differently?

    *Edit: The reason I mention December: Often it takes time for the "seed" of an idea to fully come to fruition. I planted my seed in December and was able to see the results in July - 7 months later. Players need to have patience and respect for the design concepts to be actualized.
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    As a Windows Phone Township addict, I love my town and zoo ....thank you
    I would love some lavender plants please.

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    Awesome game!

    Hi Devs, I really enjoy playing your game, one of the few that doesn't have a lot of bugs and freeze on me. That said, 1) why are we not allowed to help someone if they have an updated version and I have not, and is there any way to force the update, or do I have to wait for it to "come to me"? I play on a Kindle Fire.
    2. When I attempt to collect my items from the factory or feed mill, etc., it is lined up so that the Fly-out barn from the right that tells me my barn is almost full covers the X to close the dialog from my factory, so I can't close it and have to wait for the fly-out to "fly back in". Just a minor annoyance, but can it be put higher or lower, not always dead center vertically? I hope you understand what I'm saying.

    Level 69.

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    Hi, guys! Thank you for doing this with us! I'm loving Township.

    My question: Would it be possible sometime in the future for us to be able to search for our friends in our friends list by name (type their name into a box) rather than scrolling side to side? This would be such a wonderful feature for those with a lot of friends!


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    Maggie, I echo your 2nd point on Kindle, the extra 2 second delay often robs me from helping someone before another neighbour or co-op member does.
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    hi devs... U guys have developed awesome game..had some query n issue in help section der r pre fixed questions should have an option for our own queries also...n wat is frutus isle in game i couldnt find it any wer.. Do rly...

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    Hi Devs. I ❤️ township. I would 👍 to make a suggestion. Instead of having all goods go to shed why not have a tool shed for building supplies so that we can collect more goods to complete orders etc as the building supplies can sometimes build up to point where there is more than half of the storage slowing down production because of waiting to do orders one by one. I failed on current quests recently due to not being able to gather enough supplies in time. Thanks

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    Hello Devs!! i love this game, and the added Co-op.
    My question is could we have a way to leave a message at a neigbors town? CUz I lwould Love to tell some of my neighbors what I Like about their town?
    Thanx so Much

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