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Thread: Is there a way to manipulate the ability to make bombs?

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    Is there a way to manipulate the ability to make bombs?

    In the videos that show us how to win a level, the user is creating rockets, bombs, dynamite, and TNT right and left. When I play a game, my pieces are not lining up to enable me to create anything!

    Is there some trick to manipulating the pieces to fall in such a way that bomb-making is possible?

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    Yep, you just have to think a few moves in advance. It becomes about recognizing patterns, and that comes with experience. I'm sure other people here are better at it than me and may have more specific advice, but what I do is look for large clusters of similar colors, then see if there are matches around that cluster that will bring them to a powerup shape.

    Here's a video that will help you recognize the patterns. Of course, very conveniently the pieces are already in position for the purposes of demonstration, but memorize those shapes! It helps a lot.

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    Your strategy will change depending on how many items you have to match with. Next will depend on obstacles; boxes, butterflies, mushrooms, bobbers, gnomes, acorns, etc. Next look at the space you have to work with. Really the goal is to create bombs or higher, firecrackers are usually saved and used to increase your detonation bonus to charge the rainbow gauge faster. Using rainbow blasts will help increase your chances of creating more and larger power-ups.

    If you have 4 different items on the board, your chances of creating a power-up are pretty good. If you have 6 different items plus acorns, your chances are pretty low. Next, how much space do you have to work with? Having enough space to even create the power-ups can be tricky on some levels. Figure out the best and fastest way you can create space within the level and then start generating power-ups using the video link that Honor posted above. Sometimes the best move is to take a certain colour out of the equation. If you find the level is dropping a lot more apples and pears, but fewer leaves and water drops than it may make sense to try and make matches with leaves and water drops to create an environment with even more apples and pears.

    I usually create a couple firecrackers and a bomb as soon as I can, detonate them all at once and see how fast the rainbow blast gauge charged. From there I figure out (read:guess) how many more power-ups I'll need to detonate to charge rainbow blast. Remember that detonating each power-up by itself will charge the RB gauge much slower. Do your best to store up as many as you can and then figure out how to detonate as many of those power-ups as you can at one time. Once the RB gauge is filled you can start remove huge clumps of items at once, this will see a larger prevalence of the remaining items and a much large and easier chance to create more power-ups. In fact it will become more common to get auto-created power-ups as the new items fall into place from the sky above.

    I will often take a risk and hope the right piece will fall into place from the sky above if it means I'll create a power-up in a good location.

    Start with focusing on power-up prevalence, space to create and speed charging the RB gauge.

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    Thank you!

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