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Thread: Flothaboss' Walkthroughs (Levels 1-99) & Tips

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    Quote Originally Posted by pamela.gisel.figueredo@gm View Post
    Hola necesito ayuda con el nivel 53.. Lo intente muchas veces y no logro pasarlo!!
    Yes, level 53 is quite challenging. Try to get coloured ball (5 in a row), plane (4 in square), bomb, rocket (4 in a row) and spread the green patch as fast as possible.
    Level 53 gameplay (Fast forward to 18:16mins).
    You can do it!!

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    How do you complete level 37

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darrin J. Byers View Post
    How do you complete level 37
    Hi, try to combine rainbow ball with either plane (4 in square), rocket (4 in a row) or bomb for maximum damage.
    See Level 37 gameplay (Foward to 7:25) where rainbow ball is combined with bomb.
    You can do it!!

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    Hello !!..Could you help me with the level 174?🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

    Quote Originally Posted by Flothaboss View Post

    Hopefully this is not annoying, I just want to help:

    I've been working for 1 month on that, you can find out how to solve every level in this complete walkthrough of the game (a new part comes every day!):

    I created a playlist, you can find the next part at the end of every video

    PS: I do it really just because I find this game to be a lot of fun, and I want to help others to complete the levels! These videos don't get views on my channel so yes, really just to help and share the solutions of every puzzle

    I will do some special videos showing some tricks you need to know too.. stay tuned!

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    Please I need you help... Hoy do you complete the level 174?.. Could you explained me?

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    3 rd day on level 42 have sworn off paying for help, any tips would be appreciated .

    Quote Originally Posted by Crystal N Dunaway View Post
    Help!!!! I am stuck on 42 have been for over a week... Any help appreciated

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    Bomb is useful for level 42 especially when combined with rainbow ball for maximum damage.
    You can see the level 42 gameplay (Forward to 7:28) which combine rainbow ball with bomb and rainbow ball with plane to complete the level.

    Hope this helps and All the best!! You can do it!!

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