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Thread: Add More Action & Drama

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    Add More Action & Drama

    1.Catch a Thief:
    A Random thief in disguise as a businessman/women or police, sailor etc appears on the map who steals crops, bank, food from factories etc
    if the player was able to notice the thief and click on him he gets 100 Cash or 1000 Coins
    The player has to catch the thief before the police patrol catches him. police patrol can detect the thief in 10cm radius on the front of their view
    Thief will appear for max 1 min while the player is playing the game

    2.University Building where the player can create people
    • police
    • garbage truck
    • repairmen


    policemen will patrol to find thief, drunkards, and stand on the road to be reparied, place where accident happened etc
    garbage truck will cleanup streets
    people will buy food, eat and litter the place
    repairmen will repair the factories/buildings etc every 30days

    3.Resources: buildings need resources like bricks, wood etc
    why cant we produce bricks in quarry, metal in mine, wood from forest?

    4.Behaviour of people
    different people have very simple behaviour [all they do is walk, talk, stand thats all]
    it would be good to have more behaviours for people like [jogging, fighting, drunken walk, stealthy walk, rash driving etc]

    Note: a massive township is boring to manage
    a small township with more interactions will make the game more interesting
    or make it as a new game

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    To me Township is kind of an escape from real life for awhile. I don't want to see drunks, crime, car crashes, etc. The game is not supposed to be exciting,it's about strategy and management.

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