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Thread: Chatty co-op vs quiet co-op

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    I get lonely in my co-op. I am older, grown kids and only work three days a week. I love this game and play every day, even while at work but then I limit it to five minutes every hour or two while at work. Otherwise, I am playing. I really like the three other people in my co-op, but chatty is not a word that would describe them.😊. Very quiet almost to the point of non-existent would describe them better, lol! But they are nice people and everyone likes everyone else.

    I love doing the regatta because it gives me goals to accomplish but I could care less about 'The Gold' so do not want to be in a more competitive co-op. My co-op teammates seem to feel the same. In fact, we are all opting out this week so we can go back to silver next week. I am happy with the people I am with but wish someone with more time and inclination to chat a little would join. I constantly get invitations to join other co-op's but can tell they are far more competitive than I am so I ignore the invitations. I used to reject them but some days got three from the same co-op so now I ignore them instead.

    My co-op is called Friendly Farmers with a green tree. My town is called Lakeland Hills. I play on an Android. If anyone is interested in joining but the level is set too high (35) then p.m. me.

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    I'm friendly, but not really sociable, so I love my quiet co-op. The less chatter, the less drama!

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    I know what you mean. My co-op is chatty sometimes and sometimes not so much. Sometimes you won't get a reply for a few hours but we each realize we have other things to do. We still have fun though and are excellent at helping each other out. Lol even my 10 yr old son will ask if she is on so he can say hi. It does add a whole new level to playing.
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    Im not interested in regattas but am more than willing to chat and share
    Most i have looked at are completely consumed in regattas
    Many dont appear to help others with produce at all cannot understand why because everyone benefits from sharing
    Also vast majority have hardly any members some laying idol for months

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