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Thread: 23.10 Halloween Event Is Here!

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    23.10 Halloween Event Is Here!

    Big news: Halloween is in town!

    Do you know what it means? Our very special event is on! Beat levels, earn pumpkoins and upgrade your garden with a unique collection of Halloween decorations.

    Let's get spooky!

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    Halloween event showed up but I HAVE NO LEVELS TO PLAY, so I have to wait FOUR days to get more LEVELS and then only will have 25 LEVELS to try and decorate!? You should have set up like the Easter event and training area that has it's own levels. Sucks for your veteran players! I am so disappointed and was so excited.

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    Mehh again my post got deleted, please you have to fix this... its so annoying if everytime I wanna edit my post that it gets deleted

    I use my phone to access the forum and it really goes on my nerves if I have to do a re-post...

    Like I already said I got everything of the Decorations and they really look awesome but one question remains for me at last.

    Why is it that on the video you get to change the door (gate) to a spooky door (ghost gate) and on the game it cant be changed??

    Its clearly false information on the video to new players or old players.

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    The pumpcoins are not being credited.....

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    Halloween Update
    My game never updated to the Halloween event. Did anyone else have this same problem? I even deleted and reinstalled the game to no luck. I contacted customer support without receiving answers. Please help!

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    Lovingly made, ty so much!

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    Tengo el mismo problema, el juego no se ha actualizado para halloween y se cierra solo.

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    halloween update

    Since the halloween update the game stops running everytime 2seconds after the game started up. Anyone able to help me with that issue? I have already deleted the app and reinstalled it... but that doesn't resolve the issue

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    What level are you on? I’m on 1776 and have been waiting more than four days for new levels. I thought they were going to release new levels with the Halloween theme ������

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