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Thread: How To Search This Forum

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    How To Search This Forum

    The vBulletin search function is a bit wonky, so if you've tried searching for help on a specific level, you've probably noticed that it doesn't like when you just put in a level number.

    At the moment, there's nothing we can do to make the search more intuitive, but in the meantime, here's two ways to do it:

    For both methods, please note that some levels have changed over time as the developers continue to improve the game. Much of the discussion is still relevant, but if it doesn't make sense to you or clearly refers to a new level, feel free to start a new thread!

    Advanced Search

    1. Click "Advanced Search" - in the upper right hand corner of the page
    2. In double quotation marks, search "Level X", where X is the number you want. You must have the word level in there, and the space is crucial as well. (E.g. "level 715")
    3. If that brings up too many posts, next to the keyword box you can select "Search Titles Only"
    4. You can also restrict it to the Homescapes Forums only. To do this, click "Search Single Content Type" (in the upper left), then scroll down to Additional Options and select "Home Tips and Tricks." You can also select Homescapes and check "search child forums" if you want to see all posts about it.

    For most levels, #2 should be all that's required, but since it searches all forums, there is potential for Fishdom, Gardenscapes, and Township posts to show up.

    Also, note that this will only work in threads which follow that format. If the poster used odd spacing (E.g. Level322) it will not be found. I am working on going through the forum to standardize titles, but with 20+ pages of posts this may take a while.

    What if I can't find any advice after searching?

    1. Start a New Thread - To make it more likely someone will be able to help, post a screenshot of your level, and describe what you're having trouble with. If you cannot post a screenshot, at least describe the major obstacles.
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