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Thread: Hacks?

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    Has anyone had success with the multiple hacks? Also what is your ID if you've logged in thru Facebook? Not knowing my ID may be why my hack attempts have failed. I did the autodetect as instructed but still no luck. Any advise? I need help because I can't spend anymore money!!

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    I'm not sure what you're saying here, but if you're talking about hacks that give you free gold coins, then those are against Playrix's TOS. Using hacks like that will get your game deleted and your account banned permanently.
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    Bethany is correct. It's a scam.

    Most of these "hacks" are nothing more than an attempt to steal your personal information or get you to download viruses/adware/malware. You should change your facebook password and, if you have been doing this on a computer, run a virus scan.

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    Hello Everyone,You will never get any free coins, it's a Scam,All these people want is to get into your bank account, they will steal any bank account/bank card details,they will withdraw money, empty your accounts ,forget about it.. if you need coins buy some the safest proper way..being scammed is dreadful because I was 2years ago, I had a virus on my PC, the man said he was from Microsoft,they were called Microtec similar name, I fell for it, he said he could fix it for 25.00 I said ok, He took over my PC I could see what he was doing, luckily my daughter phoned me,I told her about him, she told me to switch off my PC unplug it,and phone my bank, he had already taken the 25.00 plus 145.00, also phone the police,l was lucky I got the money back from my bank...a year later the scammer phoned me and said I hadn't paid him for clearing/removing the virus from my PC,he asked if I still had the same Card, he had used when he withdrew the money from my account.. I made out I didn't know what he was talking about, he got really nasty, and told me he would be watching my house and he would get some one to sort me out for the money..Of course I had changed all passwords, account details, when he told he could clear the virus for me he told me his name was Michael and was was in Hawaii.. so please,please everyone be very careful they know what to say and do,it isn't very nice. HSScott ❤️xx

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