The result is scoring 62640 is still not enough to keep you in the golden league

We were paired in this crazy race last week - 17 teams in total and among which 15 teams were in the GLB top 60. In fact we've been forced to do all 135 points all 4 weeks for the past season which just didn't make any sense but the past week was the worst.

We started with 15 teams but on the 3rd day just shortly after the Halloween event started, 2 teams were added to the race. They were the global top 1 and top 2 Russian teams. And after seeing each other in the race, they raced at their fastest speed and managed to finish the race within 18 hours since they started! Who knows how much t-cash they spent on racing this fast! I guess they intentionally waited for the Halloween event to start to get more 135 tasks from the event and thus reduce the dumping. But even though they finished within 18 hours they still came 3rd and 4th as two other teams who started on the first day finished just before them. So that means the algorithm has changed again - now it's not who finishes it within the shortest time, it's who finishes first wins!

One of our team members picked a 120 task on the first day by mistake and as a result luckily we didn't spend any t-cash to refresh the tasks this time due to this mistake. Otherwise if we knew the Russian teams were coming we would never spend any t-cash it would be a total waste of money. To Playrix: if the pairings are predetermined now, please show them all at the beginning so that we can see all the teams. If we see the leading Russian teams there's no point fur us to spend any t-cash on the race.

The results:
No.1 - No.6 teams with perfect scores 64800 (Picture 1)
No.7 - No.11 within 20 points from the perfect score (Picture 2)
No.12 - No.14 within 1000 points from the perfect score (Picture 3)
No. 15 - 62640 and still got demoted! I really feel sorry for them as they lost one player in the middle of the race and they're still ranking 30ish on the GLB but now they're in silver league!
No.16&17 - casual racers

So be very careful now every tiny mistake can send you down to a lower league

Super stressful but super effective money-making scheme for Playrix.