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Thread: No update option

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    No update option

    I don't have an option to update. It only has install option. Obviously it's already installed so that doesn't help. I actually clicked install thinking I could use the newer game and it just starts me over from the beginning. I erased the second game and went back to my first. I cannot help other players because I'm not updated. What can I do?

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    Hi Angelarena

    As you can get the android version in 2 stores, Amazon and Google, which did you use the first time ? Is that the same store you are visiting now ?

    If you are using a Kindle, see this post and the links provided.

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    Thank you! It updated itself before I tried to figure it out again.

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    I also dont have the option to update. I restarted my phone. I have uninstalled and reinstalled. Nothing. My last update was july 13

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