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Thread: Major Glitches Since Update

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    Angry Major Glitches Since Update

    Since the update, myself and members of my coop have had some major issues.
    1) A black screen appears when trying to help, can hardly help this week.
    2) The movie guy disappears without showing movie or giving reward on helicopter.
    3)1st time EVER not receiving the daily reward! Thats not cool!
    4) I am constantly getting kicked off my internet, and its now happening with everything on my phone, I have contacted both Comcast and my phone carrier, they dont know what the problem is. It started immediately after I updated this game.
    5)Its also very slow, lagging alot & the chat is hard to get on at times.
    I really can not figure out why all this is happening and it is beyond frustrating. Please have the developers notified of all this and fix it. Its not just me its happening too. I also have rebooted my phone, deleted and downloaded the app again. I have tried everyway I know how to fix this. Nothing is working!!! Help!!!
    Thank you,

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    Hi Shawn,

    Sorry to hear about these problems.

    Can you let us know what platform/device you're playing on?
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    Hi Shawn

    The things you mentioned are all related to your internet connection. It is not a general problem as you are the only one reporting it. It is more related to your device/OS and the way you use it. Here are a couple of things you can try.

    When I updated my tablet to Android 7, all notification were cutting of internet for Township. I had to shut down all my notifications in order to keep internet for Township. Maybe you could try that.

    Another thing to check is how much RAM you have. The game need 1G. If you have too many apps opened at the same time, the system may clear your internet to make room for the rest.

    Lastly, do a Google search with "your device model, lost connection" and see if other have experienced the same problem and found a solution.
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