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Thread: Who's Ernie ?

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    Who's Ernie ?

    Assuming Ernie is someone involved in the making of the game. If indeed he exists. I'm thinking his town is a sample town since you can't invite him or gift him. Just very curious Ernie. Who are you? Any one know for sure?

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    I believe you got it right when you said he was a sample town. That's how I think of Ernie. His town is there to give new players an idea of what they can expect to get and how to organize their towns and decorate. We can help Ernie with his planes and trains, but I don't think he's like a regular player. I always assumed he's maintained by the Playrix staff.
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    Procurei muito por este tópico, obrigada.

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    As far as I’m aware, you are correct. Ernie is a deliberate “bot” town.
    For starters, Ernie has every TS player ever on his friend list.
    His town has been level 99 forever, yet he has decorations you can’t get until level 100+.
    When he needs help, it’s never the same helps for different people. I might see a train wanting bagels at the same time someone else sees the same train wanting a bouquet.
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    I just thought he was the famous cookie manufacturer spokesman, moonlighting at his second job!

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