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Thread: Less Houses

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    Less Houses


    Do you think it could be possible to add the following option in order to get rid of excessive houses:

    When you reach a number (let's say 10) of the exactly same looking houses, to be able to sell back to the game the 10 houses for one super house. This new house would replace all the other houses leaving much empty space BUT the population would remain the same. This would be just to save space. The new house could even be same looking as the old houses sold, with maybe a star or another mark to show that this is a "super house". This should not change much in the game as we would still buy the exact same amount of houses to progress, but at one point we will have the option to gain much needed space. So we would be able to create a beautiful city, Ernie style ☺

    Pleeease condiser! Thank you!

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    I like that idea, good thinking Pennyville!

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