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Thread: Player Control of Booster Placement & Save Unused Boosters

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    Player Control of Booster Placement & Save Unused Boosters

    How about letting players decide where to put the boosters they use? I'm on a hard level with oil and the game seems to find it funny to place the boosters on places where I have to use them right away - waste them - because otherwise they are under threat of being eaten by the oil. I don't find this funny. The levels marked as hard are ridiculous. I at least would like to have a chance of winning by using boosters.
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    You can get out and restart the level

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    その提案に賛同します。ブースター 必要な時に必要な位置に配置出来る うにしないと、ブースターの浪費に なりがちです。

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    I agree with you completely!! I think the option to use and place the boosters where you want should be in the level like the hammer and replace boosters are! Doesn't make sense to me at all!!!

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    I also agree! It seems like the boosters are either too far away to he!I me a u or mess up my chance for getting a bomb by landing in the middle of the play pieces. Now with those new time bomb pieces, it is even harder to move forward without good placement of bombs.

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    Player Control of Booster Placement

    Background/Problem:. Players spend a lot of time in contests or spend real money to acquire boosters. Why? Boosters give you an advantage when clearing a level.

    However, it seems that the "random" placement of said boosters completely negates the "advantage" factor (on most levels boosters are useless depending on placement of which players have no control )

    Suggested Fix:. When Player selects a booster for a particular level, allow that player to select a board square (availability predetermined by admin/dev's) for optimum destruction.

    Win/Win :Would increase incentive to acquire boosters= increased player ingame time (contests, etc.) and/or increased gems/diamond purchases. Players have more control which makes them happy
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    Thanatos.... with that name, making a suggestion for "optimum destruction"?

    well laid out, though, and I hope they'll hear you, although in my experience, if they didn't do it that way (players choice) on their own, it is intentional exactly for the reason that the boosters will not help, more often than they do. Reason is not your win-win, alas, but that someone who was willing to buy a booster with real money, probably will be willing to buy another one...

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    It irks me enormously when you choose to use two mines and they land right next to each other with no chance of separating them. So one of them is entirely wasted as they set each other off.
    I would like it if the 'random' placement took into account the bomb's reach - i.e. if the game placed two mines at least three cells apart.

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    Hi Wicked

    When that happen, just back out of the level without touching a thing. You will not loose them or a life.
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