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Thread: Profile picture and name not showing!

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    Profile picture and name not showing!

    I'm using Android, and connected with Google play games! Township is not changing default avatar to my Google plus profile picture! I'm known as my township name, not my real name even after sign in!
    I tried disconnect and reconnect, but not helping!
    Others won't recognize me if i don't have my profile picture! Please help me...

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    I've had the same problem for about 3 months, however, if I disconnect then reconnect to Google play enough times, my picture sometimes shows up. I have contacted playrix and have not had much help. Last week they said they had identified the problem and solved it but I still have the same problem. I know of at least one other player having the same issue who thinks it is a server issue. I really hope playrix read this thread and other players post here if they have the same problem, maybe playrix will take it more seriously. Its so annoying, why allow us to use our own profile picture if the system doesn't work properly?

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    Yeah, sometimes it shows up. But, it goes back to default next time i open the game!
    It's really annoying...

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    Have you reported it yet? It would be interesting to see what playrix say to you!

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    No, i haven't reported it! I thought someone in this forum would help me how to solve this issue! At least i know, I'm not the only one who's facing this problem!
    #I'm not concerned about connecting to social media!
    #I just want a unique profile picture for my township!

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    I think you need to report it in-game, they need all your games information to understand what's going on. They have told me that by looking at the info I gave, I'm not connected to google play, yet my game says I am! Also, my profile picture seems to show more in the evening time, very weird!!!
    Like you, I'm not bothered about the social media side, I just want my picture showing!

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    Ok, I'll do that. Hope they solve this soon.

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    I am having the same problem..i use amazon fire...what happened to my photo?

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