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Thread: Hearts - Regeneration Time

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    Hearts - Regeneration Time

    Hearts regenerate too slow. Hearts should regenerate a lot faster or there should be a way to buy hearts. $1 would be a nice price. This is because some levels are too hard and take up more than 5 lives and then you have to wait an extremely long time to finish the levels.

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    You already have the option to buy lives. It costs 900 coins. And if you are willing to pay $1 for one life, you should find that buying coins for few dollars, that gives you more than one life, it's a pretty good deal.

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    I meant that we should be able to pay $1 for unlimited lives, not just 1 live.

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    Unlimited lives for 1h or 2h, or some other time? Or unlimited lives forever, for $1?

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    Unlimited forever.

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    Since players buying lives, boosters, hammers, and extra moves with their gold coins is how Homescapes makes its money, there's basically zero chance they would allow us to buy unlimited anything, especially for such a low price.

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    Life regeneration

    Is there any way to lessen the time it takes to get a heart( life) back? Or give more ways to collect more coins to buy lives? That would be spectacular!!! I love this game and gardenscapes and love to keep playing when my time permits.

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    I think it would be fabulous if there were in game ways of earning coins. Instead of using a star to play with the cat, award ten coins every time you hav Austin do that. Fifty coins for dusting, one hundred for sweeping, etc. It would keep me in the app while waiting for my hearts/lives to regenerate. Watching ads for boosters is a pretty common thing, too.

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    Ppl might however pay $1 for 1-2 hours unlimited lives instead of a refill of 5 lives

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    Actually I have a suggestion, which is we could have the option to use the gold coins to increase the number of hearts we have in the game, besides refill the lives? For example, if I bought the 6th permanent heart in the game, then I will have 6 chances to play a level till I used up all lives, then I could wait or pay for refilling all 6 lives.

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