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Careful before you pull the "cheater" card.

All you can see is teams pulling something off that your team could not. That is your observation. However, you cannot see -how- they're pulling it off, you can only guess at it.

Perhaps t-cash is a lot cheaper in Russia than it is for us?

Perhaps these teams are full of people so dedicated to the game that they can actually pull this off? I've managed to finish 7 135 point tasks within 24 hours not spending more than 16 tcash, so I can believe doing 16 of them in 48 hours is doable for sure. It becomes a bit harder when you're doing that as a whole team, because of the dumping required, but all it takes is one (1) "oligarch" in the team speeding up the dumping and there'll be tasks aplenty for all.

Of course it could all be cheating. I have no way of knowing either. All I'm saying is that what looks like cheating mightn't be cheating.
I was gonna say all that, but don’t need to now, thx to Vuurvl I would second Dan, too, in that 48 hours isn’t necessarily that fast. It all depends how many players you’re talking about. Doing that many points in that time is part of the battle, but getting enough tasks up on the board takes large investments of Tcash if there’s a lot of you in a team, as well as having enough individually to rush the slower tasks if you are watching your dumps and need to do them. But there are plenty of ways of getting large amounts Tcash perfectly legitimately. And if you’re a small coop, it’s comparatively easy to do it in 48 hours.