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    15.07 The Forum Issue (Resolved)

    Dear Forumers,

    As you have probably noticed, we recently experienced some major problems on the Forum - it was disabled for several hours and all of our previous accounts are no longer available. We apologize deeply for all the inconveniences you had to endure and would like to give you an overview of what's been going on lately.

    The main reason that led to these events was a system failure and, unfortunately, our team had no control over it. As a result, the forum backups were corrupted and the database of our users was lost. This means that nearly every member of the forum now has to register and start fresh with the Junior status.

    As refreshing as it is (a rare thing - from senior to junior again!), we understand that for most of you the changes have brought a lot of confusion and frustration. We also understand that you want to restore your correspondence and other information regarding your accounts (including the Senior status). In case you do, please get in touch with the Admins: Nataly and Eugene. They will provide you with all the additional details about your lost forum data.

    On behalf of Playrix we want to thank you greatly for your loyalty, patience and support. Although we can't guarantee that everything will be restored to its previous state at this moment, our tech specialists will definitely do everything in their power to improve the forum code. We value each and every one of our forumers and would like to assure you that the situation like this will never arise once again in the future. It’s also worth knowing that all your personal information is ciphered, safe and sound on our servers.

    We, the administrators, want to welcome you back to the forum in your new profile status, but with the same old warmth and care.

    Best regards,
    Your Admins.
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