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Thread: Interactive Buildings

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    Interactive Buildings

    New buildings such as the car collection, petting zoo, flower garden, etc. including current buildings like the laundromat, hair salon, hospital, etc. which you can interact with in players towns.

    You could tap on a car to polish it, tap on some flowers to water them, tap the town sign to clear off all the dust, tap a factory to oil the machines and speed it up, tap some animals to pet them, tap a community building to wipe the windows, tap on the laundromat to help the townspeople wash their clothes, etc. Actions could reward coins/cash, etc. Actions could refresh every hour and/or refresh daily.

    In the zoo you could pet animals to help other players gain popularity points (maybe as well as your own). Maybe even feed them to gain some extra points too.

    In certain cases like factories, they could be given a small boost when tapped so the production time of a single item currently being made in that factory is reduced slightly. If there are no items in queue then there would be no effect of tapping on a friends factory. Maybe this could be available 1-5x per day.

    Also if a friends factories shelf is full and there's an item in the queue then maybe you could tap it and the last item on the shelf could be sent in the clover mail or into their barn (if barn is at max it will go over by 1). This way you could help a friend if they forgot to take 1 more item from the shelves, and the last item in queue can start being produced. Maybe a clover can be send to the person who helped as thanks.
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    Agree that community buildings should be more interactive and be used to earn experience points and coins.

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    Great idea!

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