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Thread: 14.07 New Township Update - Regattas!

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    14.07 New Township Update - Regattas!

    Hi guys!

    Here comes an all-new Township update introducing a new competition-based feature!
    Go to Pier to participate in global regattas that take place every week!

    * Complete Regatta tasks to earn as many points as you can.
    * Collect buoys during the race to exchange them for rewards.
    * Work as a team to finish in the top three and get bonus rewards!
    * You develop your township and zoo by participating in regattas. It's a win-win situation!

    * Set a new world baking record participating in International Cake Day!
    * 5 temporary holiday-themed decorations: Candy house, Mountain of candy, Candy tree, Candy bridge, and Confectioner cow.

    * UPGRADABLE ART INSTALLATION: assemble a Classic car collection to receive a special reward.
    * A new booster at the Laboratory to speed up requests for co-op members!
    * More friends in co-ops! Now you can invite your game friends (they don't have to be your friends on social networks any more).
    * 3 new available expansions to open.
    * 3 new decorations at the Zoo: Rhododendron tree, Ice slide, and Inflatable fish.
    * 7 new countries to feature the Flag decoration: Luxemburg, Cuba, Georgia, Peru, Latvia, Armenia, Malta.
    * Many more other exciting improvements!

    Visit our official FAQ page for more information:
    We hope, you like this update! Stay tuned!

    - Liza.

    P.S. An update for Mac users will be rolled out in 2 weeks from now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Liza Makhina View Post
    Visit our official FAQ page for more information.
    Liza, could you post the URL to the FAQ page, please? (It's not the one here in the forum, is it)
    Thanks in advance.

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    Liza, please thank the team for the Classic Cars. Very cool.

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    Quote Originally Posted by _DD_ View Post
    Liza, could you post the URL to the FAQ page, please? (It's not the one here in the forum, is it)
    Thanks in advance.
    All the FAQ info is on frequently asked page at bottom. Just scroll dowm

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    Quote Originally Posted by Judy Staples View Post
    All the FAQ info is on frequently asked page at bottom. Just scroll dowm
    None here, when I scroll down. Just a Menu at the top, and that is for search only. Ingame Help isn't called FAQ, besides, links to FB, which I don't do. So, where is that official page? A link would have been easiest for me.

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    Click on the link that Lisa put in her post, it takes you to the FAQ page

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    Wow. I just wanted to answer to DDs question, then get the message my post has to be approved first. LOL

    So, sorry, DD, I'm not allowed to try to help.
    Fun times? Great times!!

    Edit: Oh yes, now I remember: I did a bad, bad thing ... I tried to post the asked link from an external source, so DD might even be able to actually open it.
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    I'm looking forward to the International Cake Day event. Sounds like fun!
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    We know that "It's important you have your Participate in Regatta status on before the race starts", but no one has advised how this is done.

    The answer to this question is NOT on the official Regatta page.
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    Thank you for the info Liza!

    Love your new pic!

    Sandy aka truck taz
    Level 190
    Co-op: Merry Musketeers
    At max of in-game friends but pending works well ;-)

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