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Thread: Kitchen Island

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    Kitchen Island

    Not really a glitch, just a change in language needed.

    When you are doing the kitchen island, you need to install it 2 stars x 2. After that, it shows add the kitchenware with a message about a sugar bowl. But the task shows install the island again which is confusing and likely leads to people saying the game took their tars

    The task should be stock the kitchen island / add kitchenware /something along those lines

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    I noticed this, too, when I did it. I assumed upon seeing the wording that some glitch was going to require me to build the island all over again. Happily, it was just a wording glitch. It is confusing and does need to be changed.

    Also, when you choose the wooden blinds for the kitchen windows, the ones on the window to the right of the fridge keep disappearing and reappearing.
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