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Thread: Un-Ban Dan!!!

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    I am back. Thank you to everyone for your support and to Playrix for fixing the issue quickly.

    PS sorry I repeated this. Poor connection and did’t think my previous message posted.
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    Yay!! Brilliant that they reinstated you so quickly!

    And Bess, you just carry on eyeballing hotdog guy! lol

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    Great that this got sorted for you that fast, Dan!

    Quote Originally Posted by Dan Donaldson View Post
    I am no longer able to contact support through the game because I can no longer access the game, but I would ask here that Playrix tell me and the rest of the forum what it is that I did that got me banned.
    They never told me, or any other unfairly banned, as far as I know. For a good reason: Any information that might help us innocent players to avoid getting banned in the future might also be of great interest for the next cheater.

    Many of the bannings appeared to have a connection to some purchasing going wrong either way. This seems to set off the bots, who very likely just get notified something's wrong. What then should happen of course is that someone looks over that before banning takes place.
    Instead of this ban now, (not even) ask later policy.

    Seeing the wrongly banning getting resolved quicker at least gives room for hope.

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    Just an update on my being banned last week. While I was never given the reason I assume it was because of a tc purchase I made in the game while on a poor cellular connection while helping my brothers harvest corn in rural Minnesota. Anyway I am now back home and just received the receipt for that purchase from Apple today! So if that is the reason why I was banned I can understand why Playrix did it. And now, ten days later, I finally have the proof for my purchase that they were asking for. Thankfully they believed me and all of you who spoke up for me that I was not breaking any of their rules and I didn’t need to wait until today to finally get back in the game. No hard feelings, Playrix. Please continue to try to keep everyone playing fair. And thanks again everyone for believing in me and for voicing your support.

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    Yay! So glad to hear you’re back in. Thanks for following up, Dan.

    I’m going to close this thread since it is resolved and so it doesn’t get conflated with/resurrected by a different ban question.

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