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Thread: Why Has Township Become So Tedious & Boring?

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    Why Has Township Become So Tedious & Boring?

    Ive been playing for a little over a year now and have watched this game slowly deteriorate! I used to spend a lot of real money, US$200. Per month as it was an enjoyable game! Now with all the little tweaks they have installed, i.e. shorter times on tasks, costlier items, tedious and/or boring tasks, ridiculous sidebar challenges, etc., i rarely spend more than US$5. per month. I dont know if this is by design and greed has taken over or if the developers have lost touch of reality and thier target audience but I have watched so many of my friends and teammates drop out and move on to other games because this game seems to have lost its charm.
    Hoprfully, Playrix will get a clue, wake up, and start listening to thier players before they lose thier way and end up in the delete file, replaced by am other up and coning company with a better cheaper alternative! Just Saying!!!

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    Players are quitting the game in my co-op, we've gone from completing 16 challenges to barely 5. Maybe all of our lives have changed, but I think the tasks are just ridiculously hard now. I've also spent real money and am considering quitting after not quite a year of playing.

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    I don't think it's tedious or boring. Especially if you go on your own & don't bother with the regatta. I can't be done with the pressure. I play the game to relax. It's got even better now all the buildings are done & I can focus on whatever I feel like.

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    Its boring if you’re participating and racing in the regatta but you can always opt out and just do some tinkering in your town. This is what I have been doing when I am bored with the regatta, that is if you’re racing solo but when you’re in a coop its another matter. Sometimes boredom in playing everyday can be quite tedious at times but you can always relax and play when able. Rather than quitting just let it be, anyway even if you don’t play everyday your town will always be there... good luck...

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    I just had 39 points for the fun house or whatever where you can win prizes and hopefully win Tcash....guess what I won no Tcash! I wasted all those points trying to win Tcash and I swear this game sets you up to fail. I needed one more Tcash to open a chest in the mine. That's another thing, it really makes me mad that we have to use Tcash to open EVERY chest in the mine. Really can you guys give out some free chest in the mine. This game is just really starting to wear me down. I've been playing for almost two years but it's just getting ridiculous. Now I have 0 Tcash and I REFUSE to spend my hard earned money on getting more. One more thing, I don't have a Facebook account nor do I plan on getting one and I feel like I am penalized and am missing out because every contest is ran thru FB. You used to give Tcash away for reading updates and such......WTF!

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    Hi Chazinpdx;

    Did anyone ever welcome you to the Forum? Let me have the honors then.
    I am so sorry you find the game tedious and boring. Maybe you could use
    a retreat from the game. Go off into the woods and no tablet for a whole weekend
    or even a month.

    If not that then one can always find alternative ways to make the game interesting again.
    But you need to be creative with this.

    Maybe..........see how many Coops you can get booted out of! Keep records of what you did
    in each Coop to make it happen and set a Guinness Record or something you know.

    Or perhaps collect cartoon Seasonal Regatta decors! Encrust your town with them.
    That's the ticket!

    Do your town in themed colors! Change colors once a month.

    Make a pass at the moderators! Live on the edge kiddo.

    If you put your mind to it, I know you can find a way to reinvent the game for yourself.

    Me, I don't find the game too boring and golly gamma ray, I have been playing almost 3 years now.
    I am with ZombieRoo on that one.

    Well hope this helps,

    Kind Regards,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cobalt Banana View Post
    Make a pass at the moderators! Live on the edge kiddo.
    Cobalt, as always, enjoy reading your post, this just cracked me up. Might want to give our Mods a "heads up" on this one? For me, I would be bored without my Township, totally addicted. I wonder if the have something for that?
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    No one can say it better than you!! Still laughing
    Thank you so much for your sense of humor!
    All my cartoon statues are in the zoo to entertain the animals and kids...

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    Cobalt - I wonder if there will be a rush of applications to become moderators! I laughed so hard at your post that I was glad I'd put my drink down before I read it!

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    oh my goodness did this make me chuckle! Thanks for that! Trying to breathe new life into my game also, maybe I'll try one of these...oh Firenze...
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