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Thread: Level 65

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    Level 65

    I have been stuck on 65 for a week now has any one any tips please

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    Watch this video to see how the level can be solved. Try to create a bomb/dynamite so you can get rid of more boxes in one go. After you cleared the first 2 lemonades, the other ones will appear.

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    arrghhh I'm still stuck , even after Moonstar's great suggestions. Has it changed since this thread was going - it's a Super Hard level.

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    Level 65 is tough

    Please help with this level 65 I'm stuck since two days!

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    Quote Originally Posted by nishabutterfly View Post
    Please help with this level 65 I'm stuck since two days!
    You can find in this thread useful tips on how to solve it, including a video. Good luck!
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    Thanks, I'll check it out...

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