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Thread: Level 65

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    Level 65

    I've been on this level for 3 weeks and I have no idea how to beat it. If anyone has any helpful tips to share that would be great!

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    Right there with you. Wish I could help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moonstar28 View Post
    I've been on this level for 3 weeks and I have no idea how to beat it. If anyone has any helpful tips to share that would be great!
    I'm on level 308 and have had my share of being stuck for days. Here's a few tips I've learned along the way.

    Work from the bottom up if you can. Usually falling tiles will work out problem areas on all on their own.

    When you have a bomb or dynamite etc, don't click it to blow it up right away. Sometimes by detonating, you are destroying tile formations that were ready to become a bomb themselves. Look around to see if more bombs can be created before detonating any bombs

    Don't wait. Some match 3 games require you to wait for all the tiles settle before you can make another move. Gardenscapes doesn't. I've found myself recognizing a move that will create a dynamite only to see one of the essential tiles needed for the formation suddenly get matched up with new tiles still settling above it. So instead of getting a dynamite, I'll get a firecracker or worse, nothing at all. Make those matches as soon as you see them regardless if pieces are still settling.

    Detonate in free fall. Sometimes on a level there will be objects like wooden blocks above your pieces that prevent pieces from falling as they should. A lot of times the only way to get rid of them is to blow them up. However, sometimes when we make an explosive, it drops down several columns to fill in all the missing fruit that just created the bomb. Suddenly the bomb you needed for your wooden objects is too far away to make an impact on them. You can detonate these in free fall. If you're fast, you can detonate these in midair as they are dropping.

    Check out YouTube. You tube has videos of how to complete all the levels if you need a hint on how to make your first move or where to concentrate your energies. These have been helpful to me on more than one occasion.

    hope these suggestions help. We've all been there

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    I'm also stuck on level 65 been stuck for just over to weeks and getting so frustrated

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    Thank u moon star I followed your advice and started from the bottom and completed level 65 in one go

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    Level 65

    Need help level 65 been playing 2 weeks now and can not get more than 2 glasses. Is this the end of the game and I just don't get it? Austin is getting mad and tasks are piling up. I can't seem to break boxes no matter how many times I hit them even biggest bomb does nothing

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    Hi! Watch a few videos online, they should give you the general idea:
    Boxes could be destroyed with a simple explosion or a match near it.
    And I'm also pretty sure that only 2 lemonades could be simultaneously on the field, and to get the rest of them, you should first collect the first 2.

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    Stuck on Level 65

    I have been on level 65 for days. How can I get thru this level? Help, what am I doing wrong?

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    Level 65

    Another sorry level..... Challenging is great but next to impossible is not fun and the price to buy boosters is way way too high. Yesterday I was blessed with a couple of hours of unlimited play and only made it past ONE level. Stupid!!!!!

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