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Thread: No coins for ads

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    No coins for ads

    I’ve upgraded to a new IPhone 8 and have Updated everything and I can’t get coins anymore. The ads start to load then cut off.

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    Hi there,
    Could you please send a report directly from the game so that our support team could have a look?
    Here are the steps to do so:
    1. Open the game.
    2. Go to Settings -> Help and Support (or Help and Feedback).
    3. Choose any section and open any article there.
    4. Tap Contact Us at the top right corner.
    5. Choose the relevant category, briefly describe your issue and tap Send.

    Thanks in advance!
    -If you're having troubles with the game, please check out our Help & Support articles first.
    -In case you need further assistance, write a report from the game. To do so, follow the steps from this tutorial video.
    -If your game doesn't open, you can contact our support team here.

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    Hi, pumpcoins are not credited in keys, just played 2 sets, no pumpcoins.....

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