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Thread: Newest event: dog training levels

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    Newest event: dog training levels

    I find it super annoying that you have to go all the way back to the beginning if you fail one level. I could understand replaying that level until you pass it. But to be on the last phase and have to go all the way back to phase one really seems unfair. Am I the only one who feels this way?

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    I think, it is thought to collect coins. If you fail, you can collect coins, because you're able to play the first levels again. In my opinion it is not at all unfair. The last puzzles are mostly a bit more difficult to beat. That entraps to use boosters, sometimes it is the only way to beat that special level. Now you can calculate: the aim ist to apply less coins/ boosters than you'll get out.

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    It is frustrating, but most of the other game devs do this with some events, not just Playrix. The King "Saga" series do it all the time. Like Kali, I look at it as a way to get a few extra coins that I wouldn't have otherwise. I usually make the halfway point so win some more boosters there. If I make it to the end, it's a bonus.

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    It is annoying. I won 2 hours of free lives... BUT I cannot play, because the next treasure boxes open in 12 hours. Not a good system.

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    Kali1 has the right game plan. The goal of the dog training levels is largely to provide players with the opportunity to collect some extra gold coins, plus it gives the end game players something to do before the new levels come out. Because the levels are available for almost 48 hours that gives you a number of opportunities to collect coin and learn the levels.

    I will agree that the last levels of each grouping are often super tricky. Beating them without using boosters happens very rarely, but the first levels are often much easier to string together victories on. So I usually play through the first two levels a few times and take a few attempts at the third level in the first grouping then when I'm ready to move on, I'll beat the first two levels with no boosters and then use a booster or two (depending on how tricky the third level is) to help me complete the first set. While I've had to use a booster to complete it, I still collect more than one booster and some coin for completing the first set. So it's a win. I usually complete the first set relatively quickly so I can spend more time learning the next set of levels. For the second set, I make it my goal to try and complete it without using any boosters. It's doable but not often, most of the time, like the first set, I'll use a booster or two to help with the final level (sometimes even the last two levels). I would shoot to complete at least the first three levels of the second set with boosters than use a booster of your choosing on level 4 and finally use all 3 boosters on level 5 to guarantee your victory. You'll still collect a bunch of extra boosters, even more coins, infinity lives for 2 hours and a precious star.

    It's totally worth it to use a booster or two to help complete those last tricky levels. The prize for completion will more than compensate for using one or two to get you there.

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    I dont know, maybe it should be really hard, when its rewarded by a star . Its the way how to be further in the game than the others, so it should be earned somehow. I dont think its unfair or something . . .the first 3 levels arent usually that hard. I mostly pass them quickly and without boosters or just using a shovel and the second 5 levels - when I got to the 4th and 5th, I use all the powerups at the same time automatically and its worth .

    Plus, as others have said, its good for money earning if nothing, so dont be that pessimistic .

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