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Thread: Selling Houses To Make Room?

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    Hi Andromeda, I'm not sure when the Jewellery Factory was introduced, but it seems to have gone the same way as the Mint. Not so useful as the devs initially thought it would/should be.

    There was a time when we could choose to upgrade factories & trains by choosing the decrease in time only. That meant for the higher level players, the mine became less useful, as everything was upgraded quite quickly, so some could choose to make their own jewellery if they weren't buying it from the dealer.

    In my main game, I bought it once I had no further upgrading to do. In my lower game, I bought it once the jewellery requirements were changed from ingots to ore. I still had factories to upgrade, but found it useful when I had a surplus of ore to make jewellery here and there. I probably only use it once or twice a month.

    When, and which factories to buy, are pretty much our own decisions to make. I've never bought factories or community buildings as soon as they become available, and still don't have them all.

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    Early on, following the advice of Graylady, I upgraded my Jewelry Store to 100% XP. Every time I sold jewelry I bought from Raja, I got double XP. Then, Playrix got stingy with jewelry from Raja, so now I make my own and never buy in the Market. I continue to get the benefit of double XP. I do not regret building the store and find it has paid off rather well for me over time.

    Also, I have found that when my gem inventory is at a decent level (it isn’t right now), as soon as I make or delete a jewelry trade with the Mafia man, Aurelio soon appears at the helipad to offer a trade or to buy gems. In my game at least, the two seem interconnected.

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    Yes, it is correct what you said. In my opinion Mint is very usefull....give me gold coins...i like that i can decide what factory or community buildings can buy even it is not 100% my decision. I decided to buy all the possible land, so at some point i must buy community buildings, to increase population. I am wondering what i will do after i have all the land clear, and finish decoration the way i like.....probably more help for players, and yes, i almost forgot, the zoo....wich is close time for the zoo, i like the city more.

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    Hi Andromeda,

    I have the jewelry store. I'm curious, how did you come up with the calculation that it would take you 53 hours to make a pair of earrings?

    I was determined not to buy it at first too, based on the general advice here on the forums. But buying jewelry from Raja the dealer (so I can exchange it for tcash at the helicopter) got to be too expensive.

    If you don't want to purchase tcash with real money (and you don't have the ads), exchanging jewelry for tcash at the helicopter is an alternative, just like getting achievements, playing at the house of luck, building community bldgs, completing zoo animal families, receiving gifts from friends, etc.

    If you want to save on coins, you can purchase the ores from Raja & make a heart pendant; it only takes 30 minutes. You'll save roughly 63% more coins if you produce the pendant rather than buy the jewelry outright.

    If you do mine tasks and stock up on ores, it won't even cost you any coins if you allot a certain portion of your ores for the jewelry store & the rest for ingots to upgrade your buildings.

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    As Bessville said, when let say she put me in corner , she was wright offcourse but a little bit too much for me, make me feel so ashamed, later i realised that i was wrong, it takes 53 h to make ingots but for earring i need ores. So this was the mistake and i start a new thread for this, witch seems to be the second one....what can i do, sometimes i am so stupid. Now come back to jewelery store, i was thinking that i would rather use ores to produce ingots and upgrade factories, than produce earrings. And sometimes to get the total quantity of ores could take days....probably less than 53 h.....the only source for ores is the mine and the market.

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    Selling Loads Of Houses

    Once you've got all your fields & community buildings does it effect gameplay if you sell off loads of houses? I want to sell all my +85 & upwards houses so I can put all my wildlife parks back.

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    It doesn't affect the gameplay, the only thing you need population for is to get new CBs, factories, fields and land expansions. If you finished with all buildings, the only thing remaining are the expansions. So you will have to re-buy houses when you want to expand more. If you have all expansions done, you'll have to do that when new ones are introduced with new updates.

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    I can’t think of any “game play” issues - but do remember future expansions will require high population count.

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    oh yeah I forgot about land expansions

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    I sold some of the ugly apartment buildings long ago. For the longest time I could do land expansions. But in recent updates I've had to build them again to be able to expand. Yet Ernie has about 8000 population and gets all the expansions. Mom always liked him best!

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