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Thread: New Zoo Materials and Orders

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    New Zoo Materials and Orders

    I think the Zoo needs some work to re-balance it and make it easier to level up and enjoy.

    New Zoo Materials
    I don't feel the materials required to level up restaurant buildings and enclosures etc. should be materials required for community buildings, etc. Zoo buildings could have their own unique materials which are specifically for the zoo and obtainable from the zoo gift boxes (remove the regular building materials from gift boxes). The way it is currently working on the zoo and town simultaneously will mean you will be way behind in population due to the lack of materials to finish community buildings. It's hard enough as it is to finish community buildings, but this only adds to the issue.

    New Zoo Order Board
    Add a new order board for the Zoo that rewards exp, coins, and zoo popularity points. It could have a story line as well or be similar to the heli-order board. You could be gathering items to give to various zoo keepers or animals around the zoo to help, feed or entertain them. Maybe the new orders could be delivered by a jungle-jeep to all the different animals/enclosures. This would ease the crazy grind of exp needed to level up the zoo and add a bit of fun to it.

    Double Hot Item and 3x/4x Super Hot Days
    Sometimes the list of items in the zoo and/or the hot item is not something you want to produce because it's something on the next plane, train, etc. Maybe randomly or set days of the week could have 2 hot items or 3x/4x super hot days where hot items are worth 4x the zoo points. (Zoo booster may have no effect on super hot day items).
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    Thank you for sharing your ideas. I agree that it is challenging to grow both your town and your zoo at the same time. That is why some people have recommended waiting to do the zoo until after you have completed all the community buildings. Once that is done there is no other use for the tons of bricks, glass and slabs the trains bring you other than the zoo. Also once you reach a higher level in the game, advancing levels in the zoo isn't all that difficult, and by selling hot items with the booster I can move up levels every few days.

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