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Thread: 18.10 Making Match-3 Levels

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    That is awesome. Thank you for letting us know how it is done. Keep up the great work. Love your games

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    Iwant to thank the designer's who came up with the game if i could just get some friends that play the game.
    I love Gardenscapes game....however very hare to complete i need friends i send out a lot of request and honest when i tell you I'm lucky if i get 5 gifts back? I need friends...i play daily .... And i also play Homescape game...having the same problem.
    Thank you all.... if you need friend's please add me..

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    Love this game,but now I'm stuck on level 183.Help please.thanks a bunch Leila Love.

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    Love the game. Thanks for all your hard work.

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    A heartfelt thanks to designers. Your creativity and sense of humor ( lol) always keeps us going. I guess when I ran out of levels I just assume with the garden layout that there were always more available already.
    So also accept my apology, as I did not give thought to some of my comments about why no new levels, or why does it take so long.
    I am sorry for being rude.
    This narrative I am sure only scratches the surface of what it takes.
    So please know you are all very much appreciated.

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    I love the levels too, and would love to see some more, and especially the new ones, but I've been stuck on level 65 for about a month and I'm about ready to delete the entire game. I searched the forums to see if anyone had any ideas how to get past it and only saw complaints, going back two years, about the same level with others also threatening to quit. So, instead of making five levels a day, why don't some of these brilliant level-makers take a look at some of the complaints on the forums and go back and FIX some of the earlier levels? Then you can keep the people who WANT to play the game and get to these new, improved levels. Thank you.

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    A game gets boring after several days of being stuck on a level. I’ve deleted more than one game for that very reason. I usually give it a fair amount of time but it just isn’t any fun after a week or so. Playing games on the Internet is supposed to be entertainment not frustration, I have plenty of that in my real world.

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    Personnellement je trouve que vous avez modifiez le jeu parce ce que
    tous les niveaux prennent trop de temps à faire, avant il y avait 1 niveau difficile maintenant ils y sont tous difficiles.
    J'appréciait ce jeu dans peu de temps je vais faire comme avec tous ces jeux tres chers , le retirait de ma page.

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    Sono bloccata da giorni e giorni al livello 135. Tutto diventa noiosissimo, ho speso monete per acquistare vite, ultimamente ho acquistato dei potenziamenti ma nulla. Per favore datemi dei consigli. Grazie

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