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Thread: Level and Regattas

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    Level and Regattas

    Could you balance the game at the level of the regattas so that the competitors are of a substantially equal level. The game quickly becomes tiresome when every week you are forced to fight teams two or three times more powerful than you.
    Thanks in advance.
    Best regards.

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    The level discrepancy is not something that can reduce the chances of winning a race, since lower levels get easier tasks, and the higher the level is, the harder the tasks become. The more you advance in level, tasks such as "harvest sugar canes" disappear, and they get replaced by silk and rubber.
    The only advantage is that more factories are upgraded at higher levels, but also the tasks are asking for products that take much longer to produce.
    What makes a co-op powerful is their strategy, experience and/or willingness to spend tcash to speed up things.

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    If that is the case. Then, I can not explain how a level 160 makes a cardboard full in 48h. I've, as well as members of my group, a great doubt. The level and the difficulty evolve well with the same progressiveness ? My initial remark remains valid.
    Thank you for your answer.

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