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Thread: Levels 2061/2/3 have bad coin rewards -- no min 50 coins

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    Levels 2061/2/3 have bad coin rewards -- no min 50 coins

    Levels 2061/2/3 (and beyond) just activated for me -- but there's a somewhat nasty bug in them.

    When you win the level, it usually starts with minimum 50 coin, and then more coins are added depending on the leftover powerups that shoot off.

    But, on these (and I'm guessing all of them) they start with a reward of 0 coin, and you only get the addon from the leftover powerups.

    It's bad enough that 5 extra moves costs 900 coin and so do all purchasing more powerups start at 900 or more. But, at least when you got at least 50 coin, well, maybe it was 18 games to get enough coin to purchase 5 moves -- now it'll take forever to purchase anything (without purchasing more coint with cash).

    This must be fixed and pretty quickly.

    And consider giving more coin for rewards for completing levels -- I'd think a minimum of 100 coin (200 for hard levels) should be a general upgrade, or at least for those who have cleared at least 1000 or 2000 levels.

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    Agree, now it’s been fixed for subsequent levels but I haven’t seen any back payment of those coins I would have otherwise had. Playrix, please send players who played those levels their back payment of coins! 💰💰

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