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Thread: Trains Have No Mining Tools

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dreamy View Post
    Thanks Downton, its reasuring to know its not just a few of us. Maybe a total boycot on spending will yield results. ...
    well, it IS just "some", as Barb said above, or "just a few of us". And while some players make it their goal to play without spending real money, a general boycott - including players on Facebook, and the millions who never discovered any game community - is rather unlikely.
    However, we have heard of "groups" that Playrix uses, f.e. for the video guy. So it could be just as well that they move us around for other things, too. I usually get enough mining tools by trains for one or 2 mining tasks in regatta during a regatta and the off-day (until I do such a task; then I must collect again, but it works).

    What I mean with that is (not a real explanation for our differences, it's just a wild comparison *g*): as you have written to Playrix, I suggest to follow up there and ask them about it being unusual + "not enough" (sorry, can't just find the right English translation, lol).
    So, did you reply to their automated first reply saying you still need help?

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    Seems like just the threat of no more spending has bought my mining equipment back lol....

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    Glad, it worked out for you, Dreamy! Barb

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    I’ve been having the same problem for the last week, no mining equipment at all. I’ve been trying to save it for the mini event coming up. I kept looking to see how much I’ve saved and I was a little puzzled, it seemed like I wasn’t getting any higher in the total amount of equipment. So today when the trains came in I made sure to looked to see if there was any before collecting stuff off of them. None
    I have read the comments above but I still find it strange that I haven’t gotten any for at least a week. That was the last time I used some. (For a task)
    Before I used some for a regatta task it was coming in on every train last week.

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    In this game there is an ebb and flow to *everything*, tools (hammers, saws, dynamite, etc) and materials (bricks, slabs, et al), movie director guy. They come, they go, they return, hang around, leave again. It's the natural order of things.

    Speaking of "natural", it is natural to notice their absence when you are waiting for that last can of red paint (or whatever), it's the "watched pot never boils" syndrome. And it is natural to ask "did the game change to keep these things from me?". The more conspiratorial of us would also ask "Is the shortage of 'X' just another ploy to get us to spend more money?".

    But random is as random does. My best advice is to just "play on", things will eventually average out and your blood pressure will thank you for taking a longer view.

    Just for the record I've had all those things go away and come back in time. I'm currently with a glut of mining tools (thousands) and they just keep on coming.

    PS: Standard advice - make sure your trains are upgraded to at least level 21 (-50% time) so they return every 2-2.5 hours with useful stuff. Oh, naturally all those train goodies will fill up your barn There are multiple "Have a separate barn / shed for materials" threads all over the forum, you'll be joining them soon.

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    Update: not sure if this had anything to do with it, but right after posting I went back into game and used one pickaxe. One train finally had a crate of mining tools in it. ;-)

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