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Thread: Move Fish From One Tank To Another

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    Me three And four, and five, and etc...

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    Fish going from tank to tank

    Ok we buy the fish and give them why can't they go with us to each tank? The way I see it is this is "our" adventure...mine and theirs. Imagine the dialogue you could make with the fish commenting on the surroundings and so forth. Make it part of the game to bring your fish to the next get so many jellyfish and bring your fish buddie to the next tank or something similar. Communicating with them (the fish) would be awesome too. Maybe with a single word or an emoji??

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    Hi Jodie! Thanks for your feedback! I've got good news - we're already working on a new option so that your fish can travel with you through all the aquariums! Stay updated on our Facebook page:

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    Eugene, how will doing this effect the gameplay exactly? Since you have to receive 3 stars in each level in order to move forward/next tank, won't moving fish out of a tank then require you to then replace items/fish in they're absence in order to accumulate the 3 stars again?

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    Cambiar Peces Entre Peceras

    Favor de validar la posibilidad de intercambiar los peces en las peceras con la red, ya que solo da la opción de venta.
    A fin de balancear la cantidad de peces entre peceras.
    Saludos y gracias

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    Esa seria una buena idea asi pudiera intercambiar los peces que por error compre dos veces.

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    Great idea...looking forward to it

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    Moving won fish

    I don't mind not being able to move fish, however when I completed the side game and won a fish I had no choice in what tank it went in. The fish dropped into an already full tank with the only option to sell it then no way of getting it back. We should either be able to select the tank (even if you can't move it once selected) or be able to move are won fish even if it's a one time transfer. I did not like it dropping into a full tank with no choice in the matter, if it was going to do that you think it'd at least be one not maxed out on fish. I'd really appreciate being able to move the won fish into a tank of my choosing.

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    Согласна, у меня точно такая же история. Купила синюю рыбку в аквариум ,а розовую выиграла в другой аквариум, а он уже на 3 звезды. Да и просто хотелось чтоб они вместе были.

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    И я также попал. Причём одна из старых рыбок исчезла(: Очень жаль.

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