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Thread: Move Fish From One Tank To Another

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    I agree, would be nice to be able to move fish from tank to tank

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    Si por favor está es una gran idea; ya que al terminar el mini juego de san Valentín estaba situada en una pecera donde no estaba mi pez azul de san Valentín y se quedo ahí atrapada mi pez rosa sin su pareja y ahora no la puedo cambiar de pecera por qué solo me la opción de venderla con la red y no quiero! Solo quiero poder cambiarla de pecera

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    The devs are working on the feature "moving fish from tank to tank". We will get it later, just do not know when.

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    I agree. 🙂

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    Please make it so we can move our fish!

    The special Valentine fish need to be together. I cant buy this fish & I cant just sell and rebuy for another tank.

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    They are working on that feature so we will be able to do that eventually. We just to wait.

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    I see I'm not the first, let us move fish and rename

    I want my Valentine's Day fish together, I forgot I wasn't in same aquarium when I won second fish so now second fish is in aquarium with too many fish for my liking!
    And being new I accidentally in haste misnamed a couple fish. I feel we earned the right to move fish and change names

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    Hi Sweetcheeks7799! Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us! I'd like to let you know that we're already working on moving the fish between aquariums. We're not yet sure when exactly the option is available, but definitely soon!

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    Very Well
    I wanted ask also about mouse fish because i have the two Valentine fishs in different acquarium

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    Hola, también me gustaría poder cambiar los peces a otros acuarios y poder cambiarles el nombre
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